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The Power of 3-D Interactive Models



ARS LLC uses the Leapfrog Hydro/Geo modeling software to create interactive user friendly 3-D models.  An interactive 3-D model allows anyone to instantly understand the architecture of the aquifer or ore deposit.

Tools developed for this 3-D geologic modeling software utilize interpolation methods that consider the 3-D nature of subsurface data.  These tools efficiently incorporate borehole data or logs, GIS datasets, georeferenced images of historic maps, water-levels, ore assay intervals, geochemical data and contacts between geologic units or mineralized zones. 


This information is used to generate 3-D models that are well-documented, interactive, dynamic, and quickly updated and can calculate aquifer or ore body volumetrics.

Data points in the model are hyperlinked to well tracking numbers and attribute tables that are accessible by the client.  Any user can slice the 3-D model along any plane to generate cross ctions, fade or turn off geological formations, measure formation or mineralized zone thickness or distances from land surface, view water levels or chemistry with time and/or depth using  simple tools. 

  power of 3D
3-D model of Salado Creek watershed study of spring flow and karst development in Bell County, Texas