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About Allan R. Standen

Professional References
“He has a knack for taking large data sets (hydro data for instance) and organizing it into user friendly, product oriented tools.  Allan is a sponge for science and technology that takes place around him.”

John B. Ashworth, PG

LBG-Guyton & Associates
“The incorporation of data formulated into ArcGIS format has greatly enhanced the management of aquifers in Pecos County.  Facing the challenges of preserving our most valuable natural resource with water marketing and oil/gas industry is easily addressed with Allan’s expert advice.”

Paul Weatherby, PG
MPGCD GCD, mpgcd@sbcglobal.net
“Allan Standen provides Clearwater UWCD logical and reasonable support to our district.  He and his staff are a vital part of Clearwater UWCD's team.  I cannot say enough of his professionalism and importance to Clearwater.”

Dirk Aaron
Bell County, Dirk.Aaron@clearwaterdistrict.org
“Allan Standen worked for me as a groundwater hydrogeologist for over 6 years.  During this time Allan had an amazing impact on the development of science based policies, improved communication with our peers, legislature and the public.  He contributed to the development of groundwater management policies and research projects from the ground up. Allan is forward thinking and conscientious of his work quality.”

Janet Gutherie

Hemphill County GCD, j.guthrie@hemphilluwcd.org


Previous ARS LLC Texas Clients (2011 to present)
Clearwater (Bell County), Crockett County, Lone Wolf (Mitchell County), Middle Pecos (Pecos County), Presidio County and Santa Rita (Reagan County) groundwater conservation districts, Intera Geoscience & Engineering Solutions Inc., Daniel B. Stephens & Associates Inc., Bureau of Economic Geology, University of Texas University Lands, two confidential mining clients, and numerous smaller confidential clients or law firms.  

Work History
Allan R. Standen LLC, President & owner July 2011 to present

Daniel B. Stephens & Associates, Inc., Austin, Texas, 2003 to July, 2011 Texas Water Resources Technical Director

LBG-Guyton Associates, Austin, Texas, 1998-2003, Hydrogeologist

International Technology Corporation, Austin, Texas, 1994-1998, Hydrogeologist/Geologist

Bureau of Economic Geology, University of Texas, Austin, Texas, 1979-1994
Research Assistant, Texas minerals and strategic metals studies (part-time from 1979-1987)
Manager/Curator Core Research Center (1987-1991), Research Scientist II (1991-1994)

Precious Metal and Uranium Exploration, part/full time, 1976-1984, Mobil, Chevron and Bear Creek Mining

Teaming Associates and Partnerships
Daniel B. Stephens & Associates, Michelle A Sutherland LLC,  Geosyntec Consultants, Apex Geoscience

Contact information

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