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Consulting Philosophy

ARS LLC believes that a client should receive project deliverables that allow them to make decisions with the provided data, reducing their need for additional consulting services.  The client should receive or have easy access to all source data and GIS files used to make interpretations for the project.  Deliverables should also be dynamic allowing for future research to be easily integrated with the existing reports or research. ARS LLC believes that interactive 3-D models provide this capability.
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ARS LLC also believes a consultant should be pro-active and has captured publically available data, minimizing the time and cost to initiate a project. ARS LLC has constructed statewide GIS datasets for oil and gas geophysical logs and Texas water wells which includes groundwater chemistry, historical water and recent levels, pump test results and well construction data as well as numerous other GIS groundwater water related datasets. This approach ultimately reduces time to complete a project and reduces costs for the client. 
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