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3D model used for groundwater consulting services in Texas
Bell County interactive 3-D hydro-stratigraphic model (south looking north). The light blue rods represent well sand intervals for over 300 water wells in the Trinity Hensell Formation. The underlying formations are the Trinity Hammet Shale and Cow Creek Limestone (yellow) and Hosston (dark blue) formations. Standen, 2014 

Groundwater Consulting Services in Texas

  • Create client friendly and interactive 3-D hydro-stratigraphic models
  • Provide GIS datasets of over 500,000 Texas water wells (TWDB & TDLR)
  • Quantify groundwater resources and availability
  • Assist in writing groundwater management, drought plans or rules
  • Design for groundwater water level and quality monitoring programs
  • Investigate groundwater contamination issues
  • Design and oversee groundwater drilling programs
  • Design and implement groundwater pump tests
  • Provide baseline groundwater quality analysis
  • Construct and/or evaluate groundwater models and reports
  • Provide litigation support with 3-D models
  • Provide GIS support services and construction of large GIS geodatabases
  • Investigate surface water and groundwater interaction
  • Investigate oil and gas industry injection wells impact on aquifers
  • Groundwater exploration