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Case Study 1, Pecos County, 3-D Produced Water Injection Wells


Case Study 1
Case Study 1

The Pecos County groundwater district contracted ARS LLC in 2014 to construct an interactive 3-D model of the county’s numerous aquifers and oil and gas producing formations. Pecos County is over 5,000 square miles and has complex stratigraphy and structure and overlies the Texas oil rich Delaware Basin. Over 1,100 water, oil and gas geophysical logs and driller’s reports were used to construct this model.

This 3-D block image (SW corner looking NE) illustrates the complex stratigraphy in the eastern two thirds of the county. The western third of county is transparent. The green points represent the surface location of the injection wells and the red vertical rods represent injection intervals for very brackish to very saline produced water.

This 3-D image of Pecos County (west looking east) has removed all the formations with the exception land surface and the Capitan Reef Aquifer (Tessey (beige) and Capitan Reef (gray) formations) which outcrops in the south (right) and dives into the subsurface to the north (left). The Capitan Reef Aquifer is an important future aquifer for West Texas. Preliminary analysis of this image suggests that some of the injection wells are injecting into the Capitan Reef Aquifer. Additional research in needed to determine if this is the case.